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Hyelim Kim

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Hyelim Kim performs from the age of 10 with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bacau (Romania), as well as at the Zermatt festival under the baton of Christian Zacharias.

Winner of many international competitions, including that of Seattle (USA) and the famous Clara Haskil competition in Vevey (Switzerland), Hyelim Kim also performs in recitals around the world (Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Switzerland and Korea).

After graduating from the Robert Schumann Honschule in Dusseldorf, Hyelim Kim is now continuing his studies at the music conservatory in Cologne (Germany).

Hyelim Kim - Festival Saint-Riquier 22.10_edited.jpg

Saint Riquier Festival

October 2022 - Saint-Riquier (80)

Hyelim Kim - Pianon Folies Lille - 06.12.22.jpeg

The Piano Folies

June 2022 - Lille (59)

Hyelim Kim - Beethoven, Concerto No.2

Final round played with the Orchester de Picardie - 3rd edition - November 2021

Pianos folies
Saint Riquier
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