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Become a host family

Welcoming candidates with family:

Candidates are welcomed free of charge into families who offer them hospitality throughout the competition. Housed in independent rooms made available to them, they share their daily life, in conditions conducive to concentration.

Most have a piano which allows them to continue working during this week of competition.

Host families are recruited during the year of the competition, ie from January 2021. Those who live in Roubaix and the surrounding area or with good connections to the Conservatory are preferred.

Knowledge of English is a plus to facilitate the integration of young pianists from all over the world.

Contact reception of candidates:

Delphine Dubreuil

+33 (0) 6 88 16 89 15


Welcoming young pianists into families was a great success with the candidates. Constance Delannoy welcomed Alexey Kudryashov, 1st prize 2018 four times, for the competition and for her 3 recitals; she shares her experience with us.

Constance Delannoy host family during the 2018 edition

LEDP: Why did you get involved, parents and children, in this adventure?

CD: We were first of all really seduced by Patrick Bougamont's project and wanted to welcome an artist to introduce him not only to French family life, but also to discuss our cultures and create real bonds of friendship. .

LEDP: No language problem?

CD: Not at all, even with our broken English we were very comfortable; we even learned a few words of russian!

LEDP: Do you keep in touch with Alexey?

CD: We have been in constant contact on WhatsApp. Alexey tells us about his travels and concerts, he is very touching, we have had news every month since his departure.

LEDP: What experience did you get from it?

CD: A sharing! And we have also developed our musical culture thanks to him, in particular that of the great Russian composers: Scriabin, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky ... We miss his music ...

LEDP: Are you ready to re-engage for 2019?

CD: A big YES! These meetings are unforgettable!

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