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Cultural mediation

Making classical music accessible to the widest possible audience

Throughout the year, Les Etoiles du Piano organize workshops to share the pleasure of listening to classical music and thereby awaken musical curiosity.
Since 2020, we have been running regular or occasional workshops with the Ecole de la 2ème Chance, the Etincelle network, the Télémaque institute, the Action Culture et Insertion association, as well as the Roubaix day care centre.
Young people in the process of social inclusion and people living in deprived neighbourhoods are encouraged by volunteers to discover the music of Jean-Sébastien Bach in a Mac Donalds advert, or Mozart in a Super Mario jingle. Accessibility to learning an instrument is also highlighted in our module " A Conservatory, what is it for ? " 

This commitment of Les Étoiles du Piano to share musical emotion and to involve in our competition week a public that is a priori far from this universe dates from the first edition in 2017  by allowing free access to the candidates’ auditions. 
For the second edition in 2019, we collaborated with a teacher from the Roubaix Conservatory, Cécile Becaas, who led educational sessions with 4 classes of 6th graders from the Baudelaire middle school in Roubaix and the Ecole de la 2ème chance to give the young participants the keys to appreciate listening to a recital in public and to want to repeat the experience.

Throughout 2021 we will continue to carry out these actions, which will converge on the week of auditions for the competition from 14th to 19th November at the Roubaix Conservatory.


Cécile Becaas : access to classical music


Cécile Becaas : preparation for an audition


Roubaix Leisure Center, March 2021, preparation for the "Air-Orchestra Symphony"

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