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Vasilii Zabolotnii


Vasilii Zabolotnii


Born in 1992 in Omsk, Russia, Vasilii graduated from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow in 2016 and completed his advanced training in 2018 with Professor Elena Kuznetsova.
He performs regularly as a soloist and also as a chamber musician with different ensembles on the Russian stages (Moscow, St Petersburg) and in the world: Germany, Spain, China, Hong Kong. He is a laureate of international competitions such as Piano Voce, Muses of the World, Virtuozo, the Rachmaninov and Les Étoiles du Piano.

Vasilii Zabolotnii won the 4th prize in Les Étoiles du Piano competition at the 2nd edition in 2019 (6th from the left). 


Winner of the Concours International de Piano des Hauts-de-France

2nd edition in 2019 (6th from the left)


Vasilii Zabolotnii during his audition.

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