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Sunday November 12, 2023

Reception of candidates


Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 November 2023

1st round

20 minutes per candidate

1- Two studies:

A Chopin etude chosen from:

- Opus 10 (except 3/6/9)

- Opus 25 (except 1/2/3/7/9)

One study chosen from:

- Debussy Etudes Book I and II

Liszt  transcendent execution studies (except Prelude, Landscape, Ricordanza)

- Prokofiev Etude op.2 or op.52 n°3

- Rachmaninoff Studies paintings op.39

- Saint-Saëns Etudes op.52 or op.111

- Scriabine, Etudes op.42

- Stravinsky Etudes op.7


2- Apieceromantic to choose from among the following composers:


- Chopin


- Rachmaninoff

- Scriabin


3- One movement from the ballet Chout by Prokofiev, transcription Vladimir Soultanov, to choose between:

- Jester Girls Dance

- Final Dance

Available here


Wednesday November 15, 2023

2nd round

45 minutes per candidate

1- A classical work chosen from the following composers:


- Clementi

- Haydn



2- A romantic work chosen from the following composers:

(A piece or a first sonata movement)


- Chopin



- Mendelssohn



3- A 20th century work to be chosen from the following composers:

(A piece or a first movement of a sonata or a complete sonata)



- Bartok

- Boulez

- Debussy

- Faure

- Messiaen

- Prokofiev

- Rachmaninoff



- Scriabin

- Shostakovich



Thursday, November 16, 2023

Rehearsal of the finalists with the Orchester de Picardie


Friday November 17, 2023


One piece of your choice from the following concertos: 

- Beethoven, Piano Concerto No. 4  in G major op.58

- Mozart, Piano Concerto No. 23 in A major

- Chopin, Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor

- Saint-Saëns, Piano concerto n°2 in G minor op.22

- Schumann, Piano Concerto op 54 in A minor



Saturday November 18, 2023

Gala evening at the Colisée de Roubaix, with the Orchester de Picardie

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